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“Odacité was born from the promise I made to myself, having won the battle with breast cancer, to remove everything toxic from my life. This commitment to absolute purity is the core of Odacité” VALÉRIE GRANDURY, founder.

Odacité has changed the boundaries of Clean Beauty: formulations derived from the healing power of plants, and from ingredients of clinical effectiveness, whose action has been proven through rigorous testing. Each Odacité product has been exhaustively dermatologically tested, while the formulations combine exceptional purity and efficacy for visible daily results.

Odacité, having its own laboratories in California, USA, creates its own exclusive formulations that deliver what they promise: the concept of Biocompatible Performance™. This means that behind each formula, there are years of research, carefully selected ingredients and months of testing to create unique, nutrient-rich plant extracts with unparalleled skin compatibility.