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Hangover Discovery Set

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Relax, unwind, restore. Pair your favorite tea with one of our scented candles for the ultimate Saristi experience. Makes an excellent gift. (Gifting yourself counts.)

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Hangover Organic Herbal Tea:

Sip on a Restorative Blend
Bye bye Hangover. Bye bye toxins! Recharge with a restorative blend to revive and feel cleansed. Sip on our velvety smooth combination of ginger, mint and a hint of mellow coriander to refresh your palate and make you feel like your radiant self again- in no time.

Flavor Note: Cooling

Hangover Candle:

Refresh yourself with this cooling scent.

Aromatic highlight: mint

Duration: ~50h

Package Contains: 10 Enveloped Biodegradable Tea Bags & 180gr Scented Candle

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Directions for Use

Follow the instructions for use of each product separately.

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Hangover Organic Herbal Tea: Ginger, Mint, Coriander, Dandelion, Milk Thistle

Hangover Scented Candle: Cotton wick, food grade paraffin, top quality essentials oils

*Organic Ingredients

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